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Flower Crowns - The Real Life Snap-Chat filter

Janet Sclafani

When I hear “Flower Crown” I immediately think about that snap chat filter; yea you know the one.  Not only does it smooth your skin and color your eyes the prettiest shade of purple; it adds a huge flower crown to your head!  Because, let’s be honest, no goddess is complete without her flower crown. The problem with Snapchat filters though, is that they’re so good at making you appear runway ready while you may not be ready to be seen by the neighbors. 

So how can we appear Snapchat filter ready in real life?  You can invest in some purple contacts and contour your face every morning; or you could get yourself a flower crown!  Yes, real flower crowns are a thing and they are so much more stunning than the Snapchat flower crown (no offense Snapchat). It’s not hard to find gorgeous flower crowns for any occasion, check out for starters; all of their crowns are handmade in America.

Don’t be intimidated by the flower crown! A flower crown can be the perfect accessory to any outfit. You don’t have to go full blown Snapchat filter flower crown.  Flower crowns come in all styles and sizes and can even be put on clips, bobby pins and hair combs! 

Why rock a boring mom bun when you could sport a mom bun with a flower crown clip?  People will look at you either way; you can wear a hat and hope no one sees you, or you can throw on a flower clip and hope you run into a few people you know, or that guy from the gym.  Let’s stop being afraid to accessorize because we’re moms, or because we’re over thirty, or because it’s too flashy.  We set the standard for all of that now; through ourselves and through our children.  Wear the flower crown! Do what makes you happy, always, no matter what anyone else may think! 

Be the real life Snapchat filter; why not?

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