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Summer Flower Crowns: The Perfect Boho Accessory

Janet Sclafani

A summer flower crown is the perfect accessory for brides, flower girls, festival goers and more! Check out our favorite flower crowns for summer here!

With summer around the corner, it's time to store those winter fashions and let a little sunshine into your life! What better way to accessorize your favorite sundress than with a summer flower crown?

A flower crown is a timeless way to bring summer vibes into your wardrobe this season. Whether you're attending a festival or planning the boho wedding of your dream, a colorful flower crown can add whimsy, magic, and femininity to any look.

Ready to check out some of our favorite flower crowns? Read on to style your summer!

Full Halo Flower Crown

For a traditional flower crown that is full of fairy magic, the full halo is the classic choice. This wreath of foliage and flowers can be customized to the color palette that best matches your summer look.

We love this crown for garden brides because it can be made bespoke in a variety of wedding color options. Encircle your head in a beautiful, natural wreath of flora for an elegant look that fits any occasion.

Try all white blooms for an ethereal look, or muted pastels for a country bridal vibe. If you are having a garden or forest wedding, this crown paired with a flowing dress and tousled locks can create an effortless fantasy-inspired style.

For a festival look, dress this statement piece with a pair of your favorite jean shorts and a lace hi-lo top, or a fringed dress and sandals. Or make waves at the beach by pairing it with a sheer cover-up!

Delicate Halo Crown

If you're looking for a more dainty style, this crown is a great option. These simple flower crowns are a single row of small, delicate flowers with carefully placed detail foliage. Beautiful in long or short hair, delicate halos bring a feminine elegance to a wide variety of color choices without overwhelming simple styles.

For a wedding party, this halo can be a great companion set for bridesmaids in complimentary colors. Great for that floral look but with a minimal profile, these halos bring summer charm to formal dresses.

Large Flower Crown

For a burst of blooms, check out the large flower crown. The large crowns feature an asymmetrical arrangement of flowers that look beautiful in a free-flowing hairstyle as well as an up-do for a chic and natural, garden-fresh look.

They are equally stunning worn off-center as a headband or wrapped around a chignon, and you can customize their look with your own flower and color preferences. Try rolling the ends of your locks up into the tie at the base of your neck for a vintage twist!

If you're looking for that wildflower aesthetic, these colorful flower crowns will give your sunny style a floral upgrade. Their hand-designed arrangements are carefully selected to look as if plucked right out of a meadow.

Ready To Find Your Summer Flower Crown Style?

Flower crowns are a timeless accessory that have found new life through modern styling. Now a fashion phenomenon, flower crowns are the perfect way to bring a bit of nature into any look. We lovingly hand-craft each piece to be inspired by the colors and styles that are suited to your taste.

Just as in nature, no two of our styles are exactly alike. Wearing a custom flower crown means you'll have a unique piece that was made just for you.

If you want to browse more floral styles and find your summery inspiration, visit our blog at Trinity Flower Crowns. You can also browse our collection of flower crowns to find one that interests you.


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