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Surprise Halos

Surprise delicate halos for $20


🌻All halos will be $20 +shipping. They retail for $38 each.
🌻Limited quantities will be available. Max of 4 per customer. ****(If you purchase more than 4, your order will be automatically refunded and you'll lose your spot)
🌻All colors will be a surprise, you cannot choose colors. BUT You may leave a note at checkout with colors of delicate halos you already have & I will do my best not to duplicate them. You may also suggest preferred colors but you're not guaranteed to receive them.
🌻The sale will be on my website, The listing will go live at 2pm tomorrow The listing will be called "Surprise Delicate Halo" and the image will be the same as this one posted here earlier. It will be a collection on the main page.
🌻All halos will start to ship 2 weeks from Friday.
🌻No other discounts or coupons are allowed; if you check out with a discount code your order will be refunded without explanation.
🌻Shipping is a flat $4.00 & free with purchases over $50.00.