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How do I order?

If at any time you're confused or unsure of how to order feel free to email me at and I'll reply as soon as I can.

You choose the size and style you want.  Example, do you want a small clip? A full halo?  A mommy and me crown?  You can search for what you're looking for at any time by the title name.  All listings are custom listings, the main photo of each listing is to show the size and style of the crown.  The colors can and will be changed to your liking.  Leave your preferred colors in the notes at checkout or you can send me an email with an outfit or color scheme photo to match. 

The subsequent photos in each listing show different examples of colors you can get in that style; for example.  


 I saw a picture on your Instagram or Facebook page; can you make this for me?

Yes!  I can recreate (as closely as possible) any crown I’ve previously made.  You can purchase a listing for the style you want and leave in the notes the colors or you can send me an email with the photo(s) and as much detail as possible.  All crowns and accessories are handmade to order so I can customize them in any way you wish!  We encourage you to browse our social media feeds to see other pieces we’ve made to help inspire your decision on the perfect floral pieces for you. (All social media links can be found on the bottom right of our site under Get Connected)



Can I place a Custom Order?

Yes of course, you can always send me a message or an email with a photo of what you need matched and/or your vision.  Also, most of the listings in the shop are for custom pieces; all of the listings are organized by size/style.  So you choose the size or style you love, and I can customize the colors any way you'd like!  We have lots of photos in each listing showing examples of crowns we've made in that size/style.  Details on how to customize them are in the details of each listing.   If you're ever confused about something or not sure how to order, please just send me a message!


I love the way you style your crowns and mix colors together; can you make me something you don't typically offer, out of flowers?

Yes, thank you, I can and I have!  I've made custom request floral letters and floral numbers, I've made small floral "backdrop" pieces for Instagram photos.  I've made floral teepee toppers for birthday photoshoots and floral "magic" wands.  If you can dream it, I can create it!  Send me a message and we can get started on your floral masterpiece today! Check out the listing in the shop for "Specialty Crowns" and you can find some examples there as well!



Are your items handmade?

Yes, every item is handmade and created by myself in America!  Please consider this when viewing our TAT (turn around time).




How long will it take to receive my order after I purchase?

Our turnaround time is 2-3 weeks for production, not including shipping time. Shipping times depend on the option you select at checkout.


How long does shipping take?

Standard shipping, which is our basic shipping method unless you choose to upgrade; takes 3-5 business days. If you choose to upgrade to priority shipping at checkout, that method typically takes 1-3 business days to arrive.  Please note all packages are shipped from Las Vegas, NV so keep that in mind when considering shipping days. 


I have multiple coupon codes, can I use them all?

Sure, but not all in the same transaction.  Our site doesn’t allow for us to stack coupons on any individual sale.  Feel free, however, to check out multiple times using the best coupon code for each item separately!